My name is Kris Gay.  My photography studio’s website is:  www.bellavitastudios.com.  I live in Fort Wayne, IN and work as a wedding and portrait photographer at Bella Vita Studios.  Please continue scrolling WAY down this page to view all of the different photo galleries that are on display.

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Families – Maternity, Babies, Kids, Teens:

Whether you’re looking for an updated family portrait or newborn portraits, every family needs to have professional portraits created at least every 2-3 years. 

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Unlike franchise and chain studios with an untrained “photographer,” we offer a completely customized experience for our portrait clients.  We discuss the style of decor in your home, where you will be displaying your custom portraits, and what interests or personality traits you would like to capture with your family or children.  Everything about your session and the resulting artwork is custom tailored to you and personalized to your tastes.

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We offer clothing suggestions and in home consultations regarding where you will be displaying your artwork and what is an appropriate size for display in those areas.  Some clients love big prints and canvases and a lot of wallets while some other clients love DVD slideshows and albums as their wall space is limited.  Every clients’ needs are different.  

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Why wait in line for cookie cutter portraits with bright lighting and a blah background at a chain store when you can have gorgeous customized artwork for your home?

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